Rotary Club Contributions

Hagerstown Rotary Club Contributions

2016 Capital Improvement Funding Application
2016 Funding Application Letter

Through out the year the Hagerstown Rotary makes donations throughout the community. The Committee has a $7,000 annual budget that is used to fund programs according to the following criteria:
  • Have a documented need in our community
  • Have limited alternative sources of funding
  • No recurring long term commitments to funding by the Rotary Club of Hagerstown
  • Have a funding limit which is generally limited to no more that $750 per year
  • A preference be made for requests to fund operating expenses and not as part of larger capital expenses
  • Enhance recognition of the Rotary Club of Hagerstown
  • Be of assistance to disadvantaged residents of Washington County
  • Be in support of activities for the youth of Washington County
If you are a recipient of a contribution, please follow this link and complete the questionnaire.

If you would like to request a donation for your organization, please contact the chair-person Phil Kelly via email.