Rotary Membership Developement

Membership Development

Chairman – April Fox
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Steps to Member Induction
  1. A Club member identifies an individual believed to be a good candidate for membership. The Club member invites this person to attend at least one meeting but should attend several. The Club member (sponsor) explains the objects of Rotary including the 4-Way Test, dues and attendance and make-ups. Individuals can also self-identify interest in membership and be assigned a Rotarian sponsor on the day of the visit.
  2. The prospective member will submit a completed application to the Club’s Secretary after being invited by a sponsor and once the person is ready to join Rotary. The Membership Development Committee Chairman will receive a copy of the application from the Secretary. Within 48 hours of receiving it, the Chairman or a committee member will send the proposed member an email to explain the club’s formal process for reviewing the application. At that time, they will address any questions or concerns, such as the 4-Way test, dues and attendance and make-ups. The sponsor will be copied on this correspondence.

  3. The Secretary will submit the proposed member information to the Board for review and approval. After one week, the proposed member information will be sent to the Club membership for review and approval. Processing of proposed member screening takes 14 days.

  4. After the 14 days and if no objections, the Secretary will notify the sponsor and Membership Development Committee Chairman that the proposed member is ready for orientation. The Secretary will ask the Treasurer to invoice the proposed member for the initiation fee and dues. The 2015 initiation fee is $65 and annual dues are $175. Dues may be prorated.

  5. New Member orientation -beginning September 2015: New member orientation is the third Wednesday of each month at 11 am at FHCC.

    i. Proposed members will receive an orientation packet which the Secretary provides to Committee. The Membership Development Committee will review the packet, final steps to induction and what happens after induction such as serve as a meeting greeter, give a new member talk to club, attend meetings requirements, abide by the no solicitation policy, scan badge, locate make-up opportunities, participate in Club committees and fund raisers, etc.

    ii. Proposed members and their sponsors will determine the induction date (within two weeks whenever possible) and inform the Secretary.

    iii. Prior to the scheduled induction the proposed member will provide a bio and current photo to the sponsor and the Secretary.

  6. The Secretary will keep the President and Board of Directors informed of the new member process and of scheduled new member inductions.

  7. The President will induct the proposed member at a regular club meeting.

  8. The new member will be featured in the next Rotograph.

  9. The Secretary schedules the new member to be a greeter at next Club meeting and to give new member talk at a future Club meeting.

  10. The membership processing goal is four to six weeks turnaround time once an application is received by the Secretary to scheduled new member induction.

  11. A Membership Development Committee member will follow up with new members post induction at the following intervals: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and at the one year induction anniversary.

  12. The Membership Development Committee Chairman or a committee member will maintain the updated new member tracking sheet. This sheet will be shared with various committee chairmen and the Secretary.

  13. Reinstated and transferring members shall submit their application in writing to the Board of Directors through the club secretary. Such members shall be introduced at a regular club meeting but are not re-inducted.