Rotary Public Relations

Public Relations

The role of the PR & Marketing Committee is to inform the Club and the community of this Rotary Club’s activities and community service projects. The committee documents meetings and events with photographs and weekly publication of the Rotograph. The committee is the public face of the Club.

    1. Develop & achieve committee goals; engage all committee members
    2. Promote Rotary in the community
    3. Know Rotary’s key messages and mission and relate them to the community
    4. Engage other committees to support and expand their community efforts
    5. Promote Rotary through all aspects of media (newspaper, radio, TV, Rotograph, social media)
Committee Members:
PR & Marketing Committee members should exhibit the following skills & characteristics:
    1) Media experience
    2) Strong speaking, writing, photography & communication skills
    3) Social Media & website development experience
    4) Willingness to contribute to community work
Rotary PR & Marketing Committees are established to promote the goals of Rotary and increase awareness of the Club’s efforts in the communities that we serve. The committee serves to provide a unified message of the Club’s fundraising, events, and membership. The PR & Marketing Committee works with all other committees to assist in improving all areas of Club effectiveness. The Chairperson of the PR & Marketing Committee has an important voice at all Rotary Board meetings and should be involved in any message that the Club wishes to convey to the community or the Club as a whole.