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Charitable Foundation

The Rotary Club of Hagerstown and its charitable arm, the Rotary Club of Hagerstown Charitable Foundation, annually contribute funds to worthy capital expense needs of Washington County nonprofit organizations. Your organization has received these funds at some point in the past. Once again the opportunity to apply for funding is extended. Please note that there have been some modifications to the application. Participation in helping Rotary raise funds is now listed as special criteria. The application delivery has been revised. Please carefully review this procedure. The application form is enclosed for your use.

Click here to download the application.

In an effort to align more closely with the goals and objectives of Rotary International, this year we will be providing an opportunity for the awarding of grants up to $15,000 in addition to the smaller grant amounts we've traditionally given of up to $5,000. The requirements for these grants will be the same as in the past and are to be used only for capital expenditures. You may apply for both large and small grants or only one. Use a separate application for each grant request.

Please be aware that any grant being made to your organization during 2023 should be expended during this calendar year.  Proof of the expenditure must be reported according to instructions included with the grant check. In addition, if your organization received a 2021 grant from our club, your proof of expenditure for those funds must be received before your organization can be eligible for 2023 funding.

If your organization wishes to pursue funding from the Rotary Club of Hagerstown Rotary Foundation and can adhere to our criteria for capital expense funding requests, you are encouraged to complete and submit the attached application. Examples of capital expense funding are amounts paid to acquire depreciable tangible property or permanent improvements to real property.  Capital expenses generally must be depreciated over the asset’s useful life. Funding will not be approved for operating expenses. Operating expenses are amounts paid for day-to- day operations, such as rent, repairs, wages, utilities, office supplies, operating expenses for programs your organization may offer, etc. Thank you.

Our ability to fund organizations like yours comes from the funds our Club raises annually.  We do take into consideration your organization's support of Rotary fundraising efforts when making grant decisions so please consider participating.